Wine Tasting

With our wines we want to share not only unique moments of enjoyment with our wine lovers, but also a piece of Valais culture. This is one of the reasons why each of our wines tells its own Valais legend.

  • The tasting procedure

    After we have welcomed you at the entrance of the wine cellar, we will guide you to our "Wine Mountain". You will learn about our history and the philosophy of the Johanneli Fi wine cellar. Afterwards we will tell you what is important when tasting a wine.


    Here the golden rule applies:

    White before red.

    Dry before sweet.

    Young before old,

    and Light before heavy.

    In the following we will explain everything about the wines you have chosen, which you can taste and enjoy at your leisure.

  • Prices and duration

    Wines should be tasted in a relaxed atmosphere. To help you plan your day, we will also give you the approximate length of time

    you should allow for your visit:

    • 4 wines: CHF 10.00, approx. 1 h

    • 6 wines: CHF 15.00, approx. 1 h30

    • 8 wines: CHF 20.00, approx. 2 h

    We will be happy to spoil you with

    our culinary specialities:

    • Planed cheese and rye bread for CHF 10 per person

    • Valais platter with dried meat, air-dried ham, home-made Valais sausage & bacon for CHF 25 p. p.

    • Raclette and fondue for groups

    ​​All prices are per person.

  • Table set for tasting

    When tasting four, six or eight wines, it is not always easy to keep an overview. It is important to follow

    the explanations of the winegrower,

    to be focussed and at the same time relaxed, with a pleasant anticipation

    of new wines to be enjoyed at home.

    To ensure that you take your

    favourite wines back home, we have designed a special tasting place mat especially completely you, with

    which you can evaluate each wine in the classic wine evaluation levels.

    At the end,

    all you have to do is add up and

    you have chosen your favourite wines!

  • Book a tasting

    Since we are continuously investing a large part of our time and energy in the qualitative development of our vineyards, we are not always present in the wine cellar.

    Of course you can try on the spur of the moment, but we recommend that you register for a wine tasting, because we naturally want to dedicate the time that both you and the wine deserve. For short-term enquiries

    it is best to call us at

    T. 027 945 60 12.

    But of course you can also send us an


    For groups we always request a written registration using our

    registration form.


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