Wine has been a cultural asset for centuries. It is characteristically representative of our region and is primarily produced in the vineyard. With our wines we want to offer you not only drinkable moments of pleasure but also a real piece of Valais life culture. In former times, in a time long past, it was a common custom for the locals to gather around a warming fire in the evening after a hard day's work. Fed by a simple soup and a hard piece of bread, they sat together in a circle at the so-called "Abusitz” (evening gathering). The elders then reported, in the form of old traditional legends, about strange occurrences which (should) have happened "va Grund bis Graat - from the valley to the ridge" in Valais. We at the Johanneli Fi wine cellar have revived this old custom and keep it alive with our wines. So each of our wines tells its own unique Valais story. It is preferable to listen to these traditions over a glass of the respective wine ...

white and rosé wine
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  • Goldtropfu-Johannisberg_EN.png
  • Riesling-Wind-Niid_EN.png
  • Rollibock_Muscat_EN.png
  • Hoelluwii-Dole-blanche_EN.png
Johanneli Fi Heida
Goldtropfu johannisberg
Wind & envy Riesling
Rollibock muscat
Hell's wine
Dôle blanche
red wine
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  • Merlot-Schmidia_EN.png
  • Gletscherbluet_Dole_EN.png
  • Walerhone_EN.png
  • Donno-zen-Dorren_EN.png
sweet and sparkling wine
  • Gewuerztraminer_EN.png
  • Schaumwein_EN.png


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