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Wine tasting & raclette

Who invented it? Exactly, the Valaisans. We're talking about raclette. According to a traditional story, a shepherd accidentally left his piece of cheese too close to the open fire when he had finished his day's work. When he returned to the fire, he discovered the cheese had melted and browned on the surface and saved it by spreading it on a piece of bread. The Valais Raclette was born... We also offer groups of 10 or more and up to 24 people the opportunity to enjoy a wine tasting in combination with a raclette à discrétion (all you can eat) in the unique ambience of our wine cellar.

The course of events


After we have guided you to our "Wine Mountain" we will take you into the history of our Johanneli Fi wine cellar and inform you about the philosophy of our winery. Afterwards we will make you aware of what is important when tasting a wine.


​We will then explain everything you need to know about the wines you have chosen, which you can taste and enjoy at your leisure during the raclette meal.


And so that you don't lose track while indulging in culinary and oenological delights, we have designed a special tasting table set especially for you, with which you can rate each wine with points in the classic wine rating levels. In the end, all you have to do is add them up and it's clear which of our wines should definitely accompany you home!


Services, price & reservation

We offer the wine tasting with raclette à discrétion in combination with a 6-person wine tasting.

In addition, we serve you the Valais Raclette à discrétion with potatoes, cornichons and silver onions as well as water at a price of CHF 65 per person.

The minimum number of participants is 10, the maximum number of participants is 24.

For further information please contact us at

T. 079 757 95 40. But of course you can also send us an e-mail.

For group tastings we always ask for written registration/requests:

“Excellent wine degustation.”

Beat Stoffel

“Small winery, very fine wines, just to my taste!”

Christian Marti

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