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Legendary wine tastings

You want to get to know the Valais? Of course, hiking and skiing, the countless 4000 m peaks, irrigation channels, cow fighting festivals and much more invite you to get to know our homeland and our beloved traditions. But have you ever considered trying the wine? Because wine has been one of our cultural assets in the Valais for many centuries. It is characteristically representative of our region and is primarily produced in the vineyard. And so, with our wines we want to offer you not only drinkable moments of pleasure but also a real piece of Valais life culture.

The course of events


After we have welcomed you at the entrance of the wine cellar, we will guide you to our "Wine Mountain". Weather permitting, tastings are also possible in the open air - either in front of our wine cellar or, on special request, directly in the vineyard.


At the beginning we will take you into the history of our Johanneli Fi wine cellar and inform you about the philosophy of our winery. Afterwards we will make you aware of what is important when tasting a wine.


​Among other things, the golden rule applies here:  white before red, dry before sweet, young before old & light before heavy.

In the following we will explain everything you need to know about the wines you have chosen, which you can taste and enjoy at your leisure.


So that you do not lose track of your wines, we have designed a special tasting place mat especially for you, with which you can evaluate each wine in the classic wine evaluation levels. At the end you only have to add up and it is already clear which of our wines should definitely accompany you home!


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Services, price & reservation

Wines should be tasted in a relaxed atmosphere. To help you plan your day, we will also give you the approximate length of time you should allow for your visit:


  • 4 wines for CHF 10, approx. 1 h

  • 6 wines for CHF 15, approx. 1 h 30 min

  • 8 wines for CHF 20, approx. 2 h


We are also happy to spoil you with our culinary specialities:

  • Planed cheese and rye bread for CHF 10 

  • Valais platter with dried meat, air-dried ham, home-made Valais sausage and bacon for CHF 25 


All prices are per person.


For further information please contact us at

T. 079 757 95 40. But of course you can also send us an e-mail.

For group tastings we always ask for written registration/requests:

“Excellent wine degustation.”

Beat Stoffel

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