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On the trail of Johanneli Fi

Who was Johanneli Fi? Why do people still talk about her today? What connects us to her? Discover the world of Johanneli Fi, walk in her footsteps during a nocturnal tour and get to know her versatility, her wisdom and her efficiency.

The course of events


The Johanneli Fi winery, completely carved into the rough Visp rock, is the meeting point and starting point of your magical evening. After being welcomed by the winegrower, you can choose between a Donno Zen Dorren Raclette and a Poor Souls Fondue in the wine cellar. In addition we will serve you a ghost platter with Winnagläck and the matching drops of pleasure from our wine cellar.


Afterwards, when everyone has been fortified, the tour of the legends begins in the silence and beauty of the night, with only a Lusi (light) in hand. At selected, nostalgic places, you will experience and discover, together with other trail searchers, the ancient Valais world of legends with its stories and mythologies. We will also taste the fabulous wines of the Johanneli Fi winery.


And if you still dare, you can visit the legendary Devil's Grotto at the very end and taste the devil's wine.


Services, price & reservation

Included in the price:

  • Guided circular walk 

  • Legends and mythologies told by storytellers

  • Wine tasting of 6 fabulous wines

  • Dinner in the form of raclette or fondue, starter, Valais platter and dessert

  • Visit to the Devil's Grotto and tasting of the notorious Hell's wine


Price per person CHF 95.-

Individually bookable from 12 participants upwards. A maximum of 24 participants is possible. The tour takes place in any weather. Good footwear is required.


The tour takes about 1 h 30 min, and the duration of the entire event is 3 to 4 hours. The number of reserved participants is binding.

“Be sure to attend the legend evening. Authentic and unobtrusive. We had
a wonderful evening.”

Jutta Rossi

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