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  • The legend of the wine

    A long, long time ago, at the foot of the Aletsch Glacier, a widow lived all alone in her sunburnt wooden hut. Spinning was her passion and she spun the yarn so fine and evenly that many people took a few hours' walk to get the old woman to spin her wool. Every day the woman, called "D'alt Schmidtja", worked on her spinning wheel. She prayed a lot for the poor souls. Every day she heated up her soapstone stove and before she went to bed in the evening she opened her front door a crack. She cried softly into the night, "You may come, but you will not harm me." Then she went to bed and slept.


    No sooner said than the front door opened like a gust of wind. Silently the poor souls entered and crowded around the stove until the last corner was filled. Towards morning, when the prayer bell sounded in the valley, they disappeared as quietly as they had come.


    On a particularly cold evening "D'alt Schmidtja" was still busily spinning when she heard a murmur and whirring outside and a voice said: "Schoch, schoch, it's cold, we're freezing and D'alt Schmidtja is still spinning". "Yes, yes, I know, I want to finish something. But it won't be long before you can come in." She said and kept on spinning. Shortly afterwards she heard for the second time: "Schoch, schoch, it's cold, we're freezing and D'alt Schmidtja is still spinning." Then the old lady got impatient and called the poor souls in, but forgot to say: "But do no harm to me."


    The door burst open and hundreds of poor souls crowded into the warm room. So many and so close together that the poor spinner could not move at the spinning wheel and had to spend the whole night sitting. She saw this as punishment for letting the poor souls wait in the cold. From then on she always opened the door in time in the evening and never forgot to give her permission with the protection order.


    The years passed and "D'alt Schmidtja" became older and weaker. When she was on her deathbed, relatives watched over her. Suddenly they heard voices outside the hut. Then a smile flitted across the face of the spinner and she gave up the ghost. At the same moment a bright light shone outside the window and a long chain of lights moved from the house towards the Aletsch Glacier. Then those left behind knew that the poor souls from the Aletsch Glacier had picked up their friend and would now accompany her into eternity.

    d'Alt Schmidia Merlot AOC VS

      • Grape: Merlot
      • A wine with a dark red colour and a bouquet of chocolate with hints of coffee. Sweet on the palate, with fine tannins, this Merlot is robust and full-bodied.
      • Temperature: 16 – 18 °C
      • Ready to drink: 3 – 5 years
      • Goes welll with: Italian dishes, pasta and meat dishes


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